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Introducing Best Performance Inc

Our Mission

For over 29 years, customer satisfaction, product quality, and on time delivery has been our goal at Best Performance, Inc. We provide a wide range of services including Custom Machining, Design, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Welding, etc. Best Performance, Inc. is the designer, patent holder, and manufacturer of The Best Performance Bulk Material Lift, a piece of innovative industrial equipment used for vertically conveying bulk materials.




Our Headquarters

Best Performance Inc is located just north of St Marys, Ohio along State Route 116. The business maintains a 40,000 sq. ft. facility consisting of a manufacturing center and R&D testing center. Best Performance is a job shop specializing in design, fabrication, and welding; and utilizes machines such as CNC mills, CNC lathes, Automatic saws, and Solid Edge Design. The R&D testing facility is open for potential Bulk Material Lift clients to see the machine in a working environment. Simply call the office to schedule an appointment to see the machines in person, and sit down with our crew in the conference center (pictured left) to learn more!


Best Peformance was established in 1984 by owner and President, Eric Brock. He strives to make sure the company provides the highest quality products and service in an efficient and in a timely manner.

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