The Benefits - Bulk Material Lift

and advantages of using the Bulk Material Lift

Reduced Wear

The rotating casing with attached scoops and the fixed lift screw are the only parts that contact the material during elevation. Since there are no buckets repeatedly paddling through it, material degradation is greatly reduced. Fewer moving parts also means less potential for wear and eventual failure.


Innovative Design

The Bulk Material Lift is compromised of three types of segments or modules. First at the bottom is the hopper. Next, a combination of frame segments necessary to achieve the pre-determined height. The last segment is the discharge head, which includes the drive unit and discharge chute.


High Efficiency

The Bulk Material Lift functions with low amp usage, while surpassing performance of pneumatic conveying systems without blowers, compressors, vacuums or dust control equipment, all which add expense. 


Precision Flow Rate

When equipped with an optional VFD (Variable Frequency Drive), the Bulk Material Lift offers precise control of RPM, which translates to precise flow of product.



Minimized Explosion Risk

Virtually dust free operation, coupled with the product being completely enclosed in the rotating casing during elevation, provides little open area to allow dust combustion. 


Lower Maintenance Costs

With the minimal amount of moving parts and the stout drive unit incorporated in the design of the Bulk Material Lift, long operating life and significant savings in maintenance costs are assured. 


Economized Floor Space

Unit occupies little more than 5 ½ sq. ft.of floor space, with moving parts completely enclosed within*. 


Simplified Installation

Depending on the height, units can be shipped completely assembled or in modules that are easily bolted together on site, saving your company from costly downtime. Units can be brought in through a standard sized man door*. 


Noise Reduction

All moving parts included in the Bulk Material Lift are enclosed and there are few of them. The simple and innovative design allows for extremely quiet operation compared to other conveying methods. 


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